Technology-Enriched Teaching

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You are aware that technology infuses into our everyday life and certainly into the lives of our learners. Education institutions in developing countries are increasingly using online learning for the training of various professionals, and now with the COVID 19 pandemic, it has become important to improve educators’ capacity to effectively use digital tools and applications for both teaching and assessment. Educators in these institutions include teachers, trainee teachers, lecturers and tutors in universities and colleges. There are sustainable professional learning models, which are specifically designed to support educators for digital learning and these will positively impact your teaching and learning experiences. This course provides you with practical experience to help you integrate digital resources in your teaching.
NB: During this course our focus will be on using technology for your teaching and not the learners’ use of technology for learning.

About the course

In the face of massive educational needs, and considering the role that digital literacies and online learning can play in addressing those needs, this course aims to spark discussions and help educators plan for integrating technologies (online tools and resources) into their teaching and learning. We are going to challenge you to design a one well-planned lesson in which technology supports you and leaves you feeling elated afterwards.  Application of different strategies for online facilitation is dispersed throughout the course.

Course outcomes

Once you have completed this course you should be able to:

  1. Explain how your practice aligns with the SAMR and TPACK models for technology integration;
  2. Develop an understanding of how the affordances of online tools can maximise learning;
  3. Design a learning activity that integrates technology resources to support your teaching;
  4. Be aware of guiding principles for designing assessment using appropriate online assessment tools that optimise learning;
  5. Evaluate learning activities that integrate technology to support teaching;
  6. Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for online facilitation, with application of different strategies and tools.